About Us

About Us

Haque Enterprise

Haque Enterprise is a leading multinational Export, Import and trading company since 2007. We Sales and Service have been dedicated to assisting our customers with their needs for equipment designed to not only increases their production but to do so with equipment that has helped to reduce or even eliminate work. We provide services for overhead cranes, wheel loaders and scaffolding props as well as for other material handling equipment. We also specialize in material handling equipments, construction equipments and systems, service, parts and much more. We offer sales, installation, inspections, and 24/7 service for all of our products.

We trade our products in over 5 countries throughout the world. Haque Enterprise also provides products for use in a wide variety of high-volume manufacturing processes, where the reliability and accuracy of our products are critical in both avoiding costly down time and enhancing the overall efficiency of manufacturing operations.

Our customers operate in a diverse group of industries, including automotive, general industrial, material handling, aggregate and mining, marine, power generation, oil and gas, transportation, building construction, and roads and highway construction.

We are dedicated to finding new and better ways of handling some of the most demanding crane and wheel loader transportation system. By working closely with our customers and suppliers we are providing the latest technologies and materials that accelerated the development process of bringing new products to the marketplace.

We always check full service test labs to validate the integrity of products before we sell. In the test lab, we are able to simulate many common scenarios to evaluate problems you may be experiencing on your manufacturing floor. This can decrease down time and expenses associated with trouble-shooting. You can be confident that the Haque Enterprise products like Crane, Wheel loader, props, pipes you get is the product you wanted.

We improve our clients business, helping them to achieve success. We constantly strive to improve our performance; training, innovating, and learning from our experience of over 10 Years in the business

Give our friendly sales representatives a call and they will be glad to answer all of your questions about our products. Thanks!

Our products are ideal supporting device for the following


Haque Enterprise Ltd. is one of the leading importers overhead crane in Bangladesh.

Road Roller

'Speedcrafts' 3-wheeled Diesel Road Roller. Fabricated out of mild structural steel

Batcher and Mixer

Modern Concrete Mixer.
This mixer is mostly used to mix the ingredients perfectly.


Machines used for excavating earth and rocks and loading them on a dump truck.

New Products

Truck-mounted Concrete Mixer

he stirring vat driving system adopts original imported AMERICA and GERMANY closed circuit hydraulic system pump,motor,and reductor, and supporting hydraulic parts such as oil tank, radiator,filter,hose connector all adopt imported parts in order to ensure hydraulic system with long using life.

Concrete Mixing Plant

Concrete mixing plants/towers bringing in the world's frontier technologies, combining the advantages and technologies of the sophisticated domestic and foreign machines that have emerged in recent years, and taking advantage of the company's experience in manufacturing concrete mixing equipment for many years.